Binh Danh

Binh Danh is an American/Vietnamese artist who lives in San Jose. He immigrated with his parents to the US in 1979, aged 2 years. Binh received an MFA from Stanford University and a BFA from San Jose University.

The pictures on the covers are from his series Immortality: The Remnants of the Vietnamese and American War. In this series Binh Danh records images of the Vietnam War onto and into leaves. His work investigates his Vietnamese heritage and our collective memory of war.

His technique incorporates his invention of the chlorophyll printing process, in which photographic images appear embedded in leaves through the action of photosynthesis.

Most of his picture come from history books on the Vietnam war and Life magazine.

Many of the leaves from his mothers’ garden.

As he says in one of his interviews, “As an artist I understand the world through my medium. I express my concern in my art. I take the imagery of war and make art about it, so viewers could contemplate and have conversations about past and present.”

Please take time to look at this art!

You can view more of his work and previous exhibitions by visiting his website

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